Cobra King Black Versatile Wedge by Worldwide Golf Shops

"Cobra King Black Versatile Wedge The new Cobra King Black Wedge feature a highly durable Dimonized Black Metal finish constructed from 8620 Carbon Steel that diffuses light. This metal last longer than any other black finish and it provides an unique and exceptional look. The new wedges also come with Cobra Connect technology which allows players to view detailed data on their smart phone. The King Black Wedge is available in Cobra's three sole grinds: Versatile, Classic, and Widelow. The Versatile Sole features a softened leading edge with heel and toe relief along with moderate bounce. This grind is designed to provide good performance from a wide range of lies and turf conditions. Arccos 360 Smartphone App — Allows players to gather data about their performance and track their improvment over time CNC Milling Process — Each groove is shaped with maximum precision which results in more accuracy and highly-consistent spin performance Progressive Spin Technology — Provides tailored spin performance for each wedge loft Progressive Groove Constructions — features wider and more shallow grooves on weaker lofted wedges, and tighter spaced grooves on stronger lofted wedges"

Price: $149.99
Condition: new